Baseball Prospectus: Rangers health report

In case you missed this, Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll took a look at the Rangers' health (he does this with every team) last week. Here is part of Carroll's column:

The Cost: The Rangers find themselves in good position in the cost department. Texas only lost $6.8 million dollars because of injuries in 2009, and they have lost $34.7 million over the last three years. When you consider Joaquin Benoit and Vicente Padilla made up over half of their injury cost, Texas did a good job of keeping its high-salaried players off the DL. The Rangers turned around and used some of that money saved to bring in Rich Harden to help anchor the rotation and the "Arlington Park Monster" Vladimir Guerrero—whose age and legs provide plenty of injury risk—to provide solid lineup protection. Also coming to the Rangers were Darren Oliver and Colby Lewis. All of these moves were made with the Rangers having limited money and the team being sold. One can't help but think that the money saved from injuries helped out.

The Trend: The Rangers didn't strike too often during the offseason, as they were in the middle of being sold with uncertainty in their budget. But the moves that they did make carry their share of risk. Texas will be depending on both Guerrero and Harden to stabilize both sides of the game in Arlington, and as you will see, both are prominently displayed in the red-light section. It is hard to see the Rangers getting any better with injuries when their key additions are injury-prone. It also almost seems inevitable that guys like McCarthy and Kinsler will take up some time on the trainer's table. Reed has always kept the team a bit below the expected level given the roster and the chronic pitching injuries. There's no reason to expect he can't do that again, but contention for a Dick Martin Award seems farfetched.

Carroll, by the way, lists seven Rangers players in red, meaning they have a history of injuries and are risks. Those include: C Taylor Teagarden, 2B Ian Kinsler, LF Josh Hamilton, DH Vlad Guerrero, RHP Rich Harden and RHP Brandon McCarthy.

Just thought I'd pass the information along.