Andruw Jones reacts to Washington news

Andruw Jones played one season -- 2009 -- in Texas under manager Ron Washington. Now with the White Sox, here's his reaction to Wednesday's news that Washington used cocaine during the 2009 season:

Jones: "We're not perfect. We all make mistakes. We have to live through it. You have to put them behind you, move on and learn from it."

Q: How was he with you?

“He was a great guy, honest, straightforward. He always told me when I was going to be playing, and when I wasn’t. I appreciate all the chances he gave me.”

Q: How do the Rangers move on?

"I'm sure they knew what he did since the beginning. He's still there. They managed to work it out. Hopefully he can help the team get to where they want to get to."

Q: Was he aware of anything in 2009?

A: "This is 2010. I’m not there right now. If you asked me when I was there, I probably had an answer for you. I'm not there now, so I can't answer that question."