Marlon Byrd talks about Ron Washington

Thanks to the good folks ESPNChicago.com for sending some quotes from Marlon Byrd on Ron Washington's admittance that he failed a drug test.

"I was very surprised," Byrd said. "When you have a guy like that, a guy I look up to, he made some mistakes. If everybody was looked at under a microscope, there would be lots of [people]. That’s the way it is.

Byrd was asked about a leak.

"Could be, the way the media works, there are leaks everywhere," Byrd said. "It may have been something . . . Get it off his chest, get it out there, there’s nothing on his back. All the focus now is on the Texas Rangers in the AL West.

"Nobody’s perfect. But to make one mistake in baseball in all the years that he has been here, I think that’s a pretty good career."