Players ready to move on from drug story

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Many Rangers players huddled around televisions and watched the NCAA tournament in the clubhouse on Thursday. Several of them said Ron Washington's drug use has not been a topic of conversation around camp.

"It's not going to linger at all," third baseman Michael Young said. "No one has talked about it. We're answering questions about it, but it's not a point of conversation when we're taking BP, stretching or having lunch. It's a solid group of guys that want to come in here, play the game as hard as we can and want to win and be good teammates. Because of that, this will not be an issue."

Starting pitcher Tommy Hunter said the fact that it was seven months ago should make it easier for the players to move on.

"If you don't get past something that was seven months ago, you're going to be stuck in the past," Hunter said. "We don't do that here. It's another day. That's it. It's now over."

Relief pitcher Chris Ray said the team wants to use it as a way to bring them even closer together.

"It can definitely do that," Ray said. "When someone in your family is going through a tough time, you want to rally around them. We're doing that with him. We want to do be here for him and go out and win games for him."

Young said he doesn't believe Washington should have to answer any more questions that aren't based on this particular episode, including what he did when he was younger.