Rangers target swipes of third base?

ESPN The Magazine's Tim Kurkjian has noticed that stealing third base has become all the rage in the major leagues. The team that has set the bar: The Texas Rangers, who stole third base the most times of any team last year. They were successful in 32 of 35 attempts. Second baseman Ian Kinsler and shortstop Elvis Andrus were each 11-of-12 stealing third base.

"We don't try to steal third base unless we've done everything we can to make sure we can make it,'' said Rangers manager Ron Washington. "There is no excuse for being thrown out at third. [Rangers baserunning coach] Gary [Pettis] does a great job with video. You see tendencies from other teams. With advance scouts, there is so much more information out there. When we start a series, we go to second base and show the area where you have to get to if you're going to steal third. If you don't get to that point, you don't go.''

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