Olney: Hicks not making friends at MLB

ESPN.com's Buster Olney has some notes up on his blog, which includes this item on Rangers owner Tom Hicks:

Tom Hicks hasn't exactly warmed the hearts of folks in Major League Baseball. First they funded his payroll last summer, floating him more than $18 million in cash to keep the Rangers running. Now the perception within baseball is that he keeps creating impediments in front of the impending sale of the team because he wants more money. In the end, the team's sale to the group headed by Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan is inevitable, but because the funding of the deal has become complicated, other baseball owners probably will have to throw in more money. Many folks in the sport will wish that they had simply let Hicks default on his financing last year.

Hicks talked about the sale while the Rangers were in Boston and MLB issued a statement shortly thereafter saying they were in control of the sale process and didn't want anyone, Hicks included, interfering.