Fantasy perspective on Cruz's DL stint

ESPN.com's Eric Karabell wrote today about the options fantasy players have with Nelson Cruz, one of the top fantasy hitters this season, out for the next two weeks. Here's part of Karabell's blog (you can read the whole thing here):

The Rangers are being cautious with Cruz, as they should; it's April, and I wouldn't expect him to miss any more than the 15 days a DL stint requires. If you've got Cruz in a fantasy league, this isn't a big deal. Cruz has produced more than a month worth of statistics in just three weeks anyway, being on pace for 60 home runs, 145 RBIs and 43 stolen bases. It wasn't going to go quite like that, trust me, but it might have been the greatest fantasy season of all-time!

Of course, there is good news for the Rangers lineup, as second baseman Ian Kinsler will likely replace Cruz in the No. 5 spot in the batting order any day now. Kinsler has missed more than a month of time with a sprained ankle, but his return should assuage any worries about lineup protection for Josh Hamilton or Vladimir Guerrero. I'm not much of a believer in lineup protection anyway. Guerrero, for one, simply swings at anything, near the plate or otherwise. It doesn't much matter who bats after him. I would assume when Cruz returns in two weeks he'll hit sixth, which is quite a spot for an MVP contender. Then again, on this team, with Kinsler, Hamilton and well, let's just say there are injury risks galore, so maybe Cruz will again hit fifth, or even higher, where he should be.

It continues:

For those in ESPN 10-team standard mixed leagues, among the outfielders on the Most Added list still available in more than 50 percent of leagues include Marlon Byrd, Cameron Maybin and Austin Jackson, while a few of the outfielders on the Most Dropped side that I would grab include Nick Swisher, Chris Coghlan and yes, J.D. Drew.