Clubhouse notes: On second thought...

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said if he had to do it all over again in the ninth inning of Tuesday's game he would have had Julio Borbon bunt.

"I went with my gut and it didn't work," said Washington, who added his gut was churning then. "I take the blame for it."

Washington rarely second guesses himself. That isn't to say that he doesn't learn from different decisions or situations in a game. In fact, I think that's one of his best attributes. He's grown as a manager and isn't afraid to admit when he's wrong. But he lives with his decisions.

What made him re-think the situation last night was that he felt he might have put Borbon in a tough spot.

"Our job is to put these guys in positions to succeed," Washington said. "I don't thik I did that."

Washington saw a big hole between first and second and thought that if Borbon pulled a ball of closer Andrew Bailey that he might not only score the run, but get a hit out of it and keep the inning going. Most of the time, managers will play for the win on the road. But last night, Oakland was using its fifth reliever in Bailey. An extra inning game would still favor the home team, but maybe not quite as much as it normally would with Oakland's bullpen situation.

Other notes:

* 2B Ian Kinsler is in the lineup today. He told Washington that he felt good and wanted to play. "If anyone is fresh on this team, it's Ian," Washington said. The manager added that Kinsler will get a day off sometime in the homestand and doesn't plan on telling Kinsler when that will be. Washington wants to make sure the ankle does get some time. One possibility would be to give Kinsler the Sunday afternoon game so that he gets two straight off days.

* 1B Ryan Garko was was selected (along with minor league infield coordinator Spike Owen) to the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association's 28-man College World Series All-Legends team. Garko, who played at Stanford, said he was honored to be selected. "That was a great time for me," Garko said. "It's how baseball should be played. It was a great group of teammates and it was a big goal to play in Omaha." Garko said every time he comes to California to play in the majors it brings back memories of his time at Stanford. Garko batted .402 with 18 homers and 94 RBIs in 69 games during his senior season. That year the Cardinal went to the College World Series finals. Garko was the sixth Stanford player ever to bat .400 in a season.

* SS Elvis Andrus said his sore left calf muscle feels fine. He's treating it every day and it hasn't hampered him at all, which the two stolen bases on Tuesday showed.