Is it time for more replay in baseball?

ESPN.com's Jayson Stark thinks so and I have to agree. Part of Stark's thinking:

I don't want to expand the replay system to include every ball, every strike, every trap, every catch and, especially, every call at first base. I'm not that demented. In fact, I'm just like Bud in one respect:

I have no interest in going to a baseball game and not getting home 'til 3 a.m.

But I'm unlike Bud in another all-important respect:

I think it should be this sport's No. 1 priority to get the Big Call right if at all possible. And this just in:

It's possible.

Replay works. It may not work 100 percent of the time. But I've got news for all the people who are moaning and groaning right now: It has a lot better accuracy rate on calls like this than Jim Joyce achieved with his very own naked eye Wednesday night.

And here's another bulletin for you: The umpires are fine with more replay.

Not all kinds of replay. Not unlimited replay. But more replay is OK with them. I know because I've asked them.

I agree with Stark. We can't replay every close play on the bases or balls and strikes. But why can't a manager get a challenge or two like coaches in the NFL? Stark proposes one challenge per game. But I think we could have two and it wouldn't slow things down too much. Wouldn't the umpires welcome that? They'd get a chance to look at the replay of a close play and get it right. I'd bet you that Jim Joyce would have been fine with looking at a replay of that final out on Wednesday.

What do you think? Are judgement calls like last night part of the game? Or should we strive to get those kind of calls right, even if it means expanding replay some?