Wilson opposed to more instant replay

When asked if Major League Baseball would benefit from having more instant replay, Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson wasn’t in the mood for fence-sitting.

“To say 'yes' because of this would be a knee-jerk reaction, and I don’t make those kinds of reactions,” Wilson said. “So I’m going to say no. We live in an age of great technology, and we have the technology to do it. But the question is how do you do that without abusing it?

“I was against instant replay for anything. Umpires are good enough, and if they don’t get it right, that’s on them and everybody knows it. And over the course of 162 games, things even out."

Wilson's comments come on the heels of a blown call costing Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning Wednesday night.

“The reality is that umpires are a part of our sport," Wilson said. "It’s better to have them than to not have them, as opposed to having electronic rulings or something.”

Electronic rulings? Evil robots? Dehumanizing the great game?

Wilson isn't quite ready to write the sci-fi version of "Field of Dreams," but at the same time he's far from ready to relinquish any more control to the eye in the sky.

“It undermines the authority of the umpires to have instant replay. Because then it’s a classic big brother giving up freedom for some fake security kind of thing like we do in society all the time," Wilson said.

“We opened up that door just a little bit to having instant replay for home run calls. And now this is something that’s completely the opposite of a home run call. And we’re going to all of sudden, because of one play, we’re going to say, 'Oh well, now we need to have it for first base calls, or no-hitters, or perfect games?'

"What about plays at the plate? What about foul balls down the line? When will it stop if we continue to open the door? I’m going to vote against it, personally, if I have a vote.”