Engel Beltre gets 5-game suspension

ARLINGTON -- Rangers minor leaguer Engel Beltre was given a 5-game suspension for his part in a brawl between Class A Bakersfield and Visalia last weekend. Beltre had a slow home run trot that led to the brawl. You can see video of it here.

"It was an emotional moment in the game," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. "Both sides didn't handle it very well. The league handed down what it thought was appropriate discipline. We'll handle it internally as well."

It was a walkoff homer for Beltre, the first of his career. And he took his time around the bases, something the Visalia players didn't appreciate.

California League president Charlie Blaney told Baseball America that he reviewed video and talked with the umpires and coaches from both teams.

"This is something we will not tolerate," Blaney told the publication. "I received a call from the umpires after the game and I said, 'Hold the phone. I will be there first thing in the morning.' "

Beltre, a left-handed hitter, is batting .308 with five homers and 29 RBIs for Bakersfield. He has a .359 OBP and an .812 OPS. He was 14-for-42 in his last 10 games before the suspension, which starts tonight.