A look at next year's MLB draft

For those of you who can't get enough of the draft, ESPN.com has a quick look at the 2011 draft. The intro to the story:

Next year's draft class looks much stronger and deeper than this year's in almost every area, with high school right-handers possibly the lone exception. There's one premium college bat, a number of top-flight college arms -- and a strong mix of prep talent across the board. While this year's draft only offered maybe eight to 10 true first-rounders -- players who'd be picked in the top 30 in almost any year -- the 2011 class could very easily see first-round talents squeezed out of that range because there's just so much talent in the country.

The story takes a look at various folks, including some college bats highighted Rice third baseman Anthony Rendon. A look at what they say about him:

Rendon is the star attraction here , with a great short stroke with good follow through, outstanding plate discipline and plus defense at third. George Springer, Alex Dickerson, Zach Cone and Jackie Bradley are all great athletes with some raw aspects at the plate but the potential for four or five tools. Georgia Tech's Matt Skole is the older brother of Jake Skole, the Texas Rangers' first pick in this year's draft. Martinez has bounced back from a disappointing two-year stretch to re-establish himself as a premium bat in the '11 class.

You can read the whole story here.