How much would Lee help Rangers?

ESPN.com used Accuscore to figure out what kind of impact Cliff Lee would have with any of his potential new teams at the trade deadline. The Rangers have interest, but it would certainly cost a lot in terms of prospects. No doubt Lee would help any team he joined.

So what would Lee do for the Rangers? Here's what Accuscore said:

Current Forecast (without Lee): 92-70 (and a playoff berth)

Rangers with Lee: 96-66 (playoffs, second overall in AL)

Comment: Texas becomes a playoff lock with Lee, just behind Yankees for best projected AL record.

ESPN.com's Buster Olney ranked the teams in order of how likely they are to get Lee:

1. Twins

2. Reds

3. Rays

4. Mets

5. Rangers

6. The Field

That's too low for the Rangers. I understand the general concern over ownership, but in the case of Lee, whether there's new ownership won't play a major part in whether the Rangers can do a deal. The Mariners, as reports suggest, want a big bat and a good package of prospects. Texas has the top minor league system with which to deal with them. So I think they can certainly be a player and they are interested and talking about it. It's just a matter of which prospects they are willing to give up and what the Mariners are going to insist on getting from the Rangers.