Kinsler: Ball not carrying at Ballpark

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler was asked about Rangers Ballpark in Arlington by some out-of-town media members during the press availability at the All-Star Game this week. They wondered if the idea that the park is a launching pad is fair recently.

"Well, it's hot," Kinsler said. "We’ve been getting a lot of rain and it’s been humid and the ball hasn't carried as well. I can look around the league and find a lot of ballparks where the ball carries a little bit better than it does in Arlington. We’ve got a couple of spots, like right-center, where it jumps out when the wind is blowing. It plays pretty true and we enjoy it there."

It has rained and I do wonder if that's impacted the ball's flight more than normal at the Ballpark. But it hasn't impacted the Rangers' ability to score runs. Part of that is an offense that has become multidimensional, scoring runs in a variety of different ways and not just with the long ball.

The Rangers lead the league in home scoring with 288 runs. They've done it on 62 homers in Arlington. That's actually third-most behind Toronto and Chicago. I do think, for whatever reason, that the wind hasn't created the jet stream as often as it has in previous seasons. I have no scientific proof of that, but it just seems like it. Anyway, I thought the comment was interesting and wanted to pass it along.