Ryan, Cuban said hellos at Ballpark

FORT WORTH -- Rangers president Nolan Ryan said Thursday that he spoke briefly to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban while the Mavericks owner was at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington earlier this week.

Ryan said he was assuming Cuban was doing his due diligence as a potential bidder, and that he just said a brief hello to Cuban on Wednesday.

Ryan said he hadn't thought about what might happen with his position with the Rangers should Cuban wind up owning the team. Cuban said last week that "if any group that I'm involved with did end up getting [the Rangers], we would certainly ask Nolan to be a part of it."

"I haven't given any thought or consideration to that," Ryan said during a brief recess at Thursday's bankruptcy court hearing. "We're focused on what's going on with the ballclub and what we're doing on the field."