Lawyer: Cuban would like to make bid

FORT WORTH -- An attorney representing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban attended Thursday's bankruptcy court proceedings and said his client hasn't decided whether he will make his own bid to buy the Rangers.

After the hearing, Clifton Jessup was asked if Cuban would bid at the auction, which will be held on Aug. 4.

"I don't know," said Jessup, a bankruptcy lawyer who was retained by Cuban earlier this week. "We hope to, we'd like to, but we need to go through all of our due diligence and research and look at all of the factors before we know if we're able to make a credible bid."

During the hearing, Jessup said Cuban is also exploring the possibility of joining with one of the other bidders.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michael Lynn upheld the Aug. 4 auction date at Thursday's hearing, which might not give Cuban enough time to put together his own bid. Jessup said Cuban has been approved by MLB as a bidder.