Players excited by big crowds

ARLINGTON, Texas -- There were 46,554 at Friday's 1-0 win over the Angels, the first sellout since Opening Day. It was certainly something the players noticed. Even Michael Young, a known Los Angeles Lakers fan, was OK with it.

"I guess, 'Beat Anaheim or Beat Orange County' doesn't really work," Young said. "But I'll take 'Beat LA" as long as it's not basketball."

C.J. Wilson was adamant that the players feed off a huge crowd like that.

"When our fans get into it, it's like another level," Wilson said. "When you play in front of 46,000 fans as opposed to 16,000 fans, it has a tremendous effect on the players. I think if the fans understood that, I think maybe they'd have more fun out there. When they are loud, it feels good. We feel stronger, we feel faster. It's great when the fans are into it. That's what we've been yearning for the last couple of years to be good enough for the fans to come out and get it going like that."

Club president Nolan Ryan was pleased to see such a large gathering for a July series.

"It was unbelievable," Ryan said. "They got into it and it can lift our team. It makes the game a lot more fun."

Rangers officials said Friday night that there were approximately 8,ooo tickets remaining for Saturday's game as the club expects yet another large crowd. Tom Grieve will be inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame before the game.