Teagarden recalled for his defense

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers jumped Taylor Teagarden from Double-A to the majors -- and past Max Ramirez and Jarrod Saltalamacchia -- because they felt he was the best defensive option, which includes controlling the running game.

Matt Treanor was put on the 15-day DL with a strained right PCL suffered after he clipped Kevin Frandsen's foot attempting to beat out a ground ball.

Teagarden said he's used his opportunity to start in Double-A Frisco as a chance to work on the mechanics of his swing and to improve his throwing and blocking behind home plate.

"I used it almost as a practice environment," Teagarden said. "I was working on a lot of different things, changing things, seeing what was working for me. I had some ups and downs down there, but it was a good environment for me to play in."

Teagarden admitted that he wondered where exactly he was on the depth chart after going from the majors to Double-A early in the season.

"With the team doing as well as they have up here, it wasn't easy for me to think I'd be coming up here any time soon," Teagarden said. "But with an injury like that, anything can happen. I'm grateful to be here and help contribute. Anything I can do, I'll be ready."

Treanor, who arrived at the ballpark with a big brace on his right knee and crutches, said he'll know more about a possible timeframe for his return in about 7 to 10 days.

"I get upset because I want to be with team," Treanor said. "I've started the therapy to get the swelling out. I'm thinking 15 days, the DL time, is what I'm aiming for to be ready to play."

Manager Ron Washington said he plans on doing what he can to protect Bengie Molina, who will get the majority of the playing time. He could play three straight and get two games off or go four straight. Washington hasn't decided that yet. Also, Teagarden can pinch run for Molina and provide the defense needed if the opposing team gets aggressive on the bases late.