Trades: Thoughts on deal for an infielder

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers are still checking in with a variety of teams in an attempt to acquire someone who can spell Chris Davis against tough lefties and be a bigger bat off the bench than their current options.

Jorge Cantu remains high on their list, but there are others that could end up being a fit. The big question seems to be what kind of money the club will have by the time Saturday rolls around. If they don't get any extra funding from MLB, the price they'd have to pay in prospects might be too great to make a deal. If not, something could come together.

There's also the thought that as the deadline gets closer, the price on some of these potential targets could decrease. So this could be a case where if a deal is made, it won't happen until right before the deadline.

The club had scouts watching Baltimore's Ty Wigginton, who has a favorable salary for a cash-strapped team like Texas at $3.5 million this season. Florida's Wes Helms could be another possibilty. It's not known if the Nationals are willing to deal Josh Willingham, but he could end up on the radar if they are.

ESPNChicago.com reported on Tuesday that the Rangers have some interest in Adam Dunn, though it appears the price is high from Washington in terms of prospects. Cristian Guzman and Derrek Lee have been mentioned as getting some interest from Texas on various internet reports.

In other words, Jon Daniels and his staff are doing what they usually do: Checking into every available option.

I'll stick by what I said earlier: If the Rangers can add a player without losing some very good prospects, I think they'll do it. But this isn't the type of deal they'll make no matter what. If they can get some more money, that would certainly make it easier.