Experts call Rangers trade winners

After the trade deadline passed this afternoon, the experts started rating how the sellers and buyers performed. Not surprisingly, the Rangers' moves were very well received. ESPN's Buster Olney said no team did better than the Rangers.

ESPN.com's Jayson Stark put the Rangers atop the winners list in his analysis.

Here's how Stark broke down the Rangers' moves:

Boy, it's amazing what you can get done on your way out of bankruptcy court. The Rangers were somehow allowed by MLB and the Chapter 11 police to add more than $6 million in payroll. So they came away with the best player on the market (Cliff Lee), a run-the-staff-and-hit-for-the-cycle starting catcher (Bengie Molina), an RBI bat (Jorge Cantu) and a useful utility guy (Cristian Guzman), for nothing that figures to haunt them. Heck, Lee alone gives them a shot to win the World Series. And as one baseball man quipped, they did it all by "living the American dream: If you can't afford it, charge it."