Michael Young talks about auction

SEATTLE -- Rangers third baseman Michael Young, one of the creditors of the Rangers, said he isn't sure what to make of Wednesday's auction and admits he hasn't followed the progress very much.

"The most important thing is that our focus remain on the field, and we've done that this season," Young said. "This thing has taken so many different turns that it's tough to know what to focus on. At this point, I'd prefer someone bottom-line it for me and let me know what happens."

Young said he would prefer the group headed by Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan end up owning the team.

"I think we've all said that we've seen Chuck and Nolan take it this far, that it would be nice if they could see it through," Young said. "But that's just a small preference. Whatever happens at this point is out of our hands as players. We just want to make sure that whoever owns our team is interested in the same things we're interested in, which is winning championships."

Young has a difficult time imagining Ryan not a part of the club.

"I haven't had an opportunity to talk to anybody about their plans for future ownership, but I would imagine everyone wants to keep Nolan around," Young said. "He brings stability to our organization, and everyone knows what he means to our community and sports in our town, so obviously I think it's very important that he stays."

Young said he doesn't know much about Mark Cuban but knows that he "does everything he can to help his basketball team win games."

"I have a respect for an owner who wants to do that," said Young, who is a Los Angeles Lakers fan, by the way.