Two things to watch tonight on the mound

ARLINGTON, Texas -- ESPN Stats & Information sent these nuggets out on A.J. Burnett and Tommy Hunter. We'll have more on them in the mound matchup later this afternoon:

Burnett: Throws fastball 70% of the time (MLB average 62%); opposing hitters batting .316 (137-for-433) against it overall (MLB average .282) and .363 (77-for-212) early in the count (MLB average .339). Rangers hitting .302 against the fastball this season, including .354 early in the count.

Hunter: Opposing hitters batting .195 (16-for-82) against his curveball this season (MLB average .219), including 0-for-18 up in the zone (MLB average .271). Yankees hitting .245 against the curve this season, including .345 up in the zone.