Umpires explain home run call and review

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Crew chief Jerry Layne, the first-base umpire Tuesday, said he saw David Murphy's long fly ball go over the top of the foul pole and that's why he ruled it a home run.

He and two others on the umpiring crew looked at the replay, which is video sent from New York, and upheld the home run call.

"There was no evidence it was any different from what I had seen on the field," Layne said. You need reversible doubt to change the call. It's where the ball is going out of the ballpark, straight over the fence, that matters. And it basically went over the foul pole."

There was a lengthy delay, which didn't help starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, who ended up giving up four runs in the inning as the Rangers offense got going on the way to an 11-4 win.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland was not happy with the call and asked for the umpires to review it.

“What did you guys see?” Leyland said after the game. “You guys all saw it? Fair or foul? Foul ball? Then you don’t have to ask me. You guys should write what you saw instead of asking me and you should voice your opinion and you should voice yours on the TV.

“You don’t have to ask me because you saw it,” Leyland said. "It’s as simple as that. Why should I get involved in it and get in trouble over it when you guys saw it? Write it. Put it on TV and write it. It’s that simple. You don’t need my opinion. You guys saw it. It was a foul ball, so say it was a foul ball.”

Murphy said he couldn't tell what the ball did because it started so far left. He thought it could have gone behind the pole, in front of the pole or over it.

But it ended up as his 10th homer and his first at home since Aug. 10 against the Yankees.