Predictions: Road trip, clinching game

As the Rangers start their final road trip of the season, let's predict how we think they'll do. You can make your picks in the comment section here or email me. We'll announce a winner when the club returns from Oakland after next weekend.

Texas starts this trip in Seattle tonight with three against the Mariners. The magic number is 8, which means they can't mathematically clinch the AL West this weekend. But they could get very close. The Rangers then head to Anaheim for three games and onto Oakland for four.

Some predictions:

* 2 out of 3 in Seattle

* 1 out of 3 in LAA (I think the Angels play them tough...just a feeling)

* 2 out of 4 in Oakland

When do the Rangers clinch?

* Thursday in Oakland

The A's schedule is not easy this next week. They are at Minnesota, a team trying to get home field advantage throughout the playoffs and then face the Chicago White Sox at home before welcoming the Rangers. So I would be surprised if the Rangers don't clinch on this road trip.

What are your predictions? As a fan, does part of you hope they don't clinch on the road or would you rather see them get it over with?