Josh Hamilton's lat muscle still an issue

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton did some light running Friday, starting slowing and then ramping up to what he considered 75 percent. He said his slightly fractured ribs were OK, but his biggest concern is the lattisimus dorsi muscle in his side, which he said is tight.

After he worked out Thursday, Hamilton felt the muscle spasm while he was in the dugout shortly after the game started. He said he didn't really calm down until about 4:30 a.m., when he was finally able to get some sleep.

"I can't play with it if it spasms," Hamilton said. "I can't even move when it does it."

Hamilton said the trainers and doctors have told him the muscle will quit the spasms when the ribs improve enough to where that muscle isn't trying to protect them.

In the mean time, Hamilton is trying to encourage his teammates.

"I'm trying to keep their spirits up and be in the dugout as much as I can," Hamilton said. "I don't know what else to do. I'd much rather be out there swinging and helping rather than just talking."

Hamilton said he may try some twisting and turning to see how the ribs and lat feels Saturday. It's still unclear as to when he might pick up a bat and start some more baseball activities.

Hamilton did say he could feel a little pain in his ribs after running on Friday and found that putting his arms over his head helped ease the discomfort.