Jeff Francoeur bonds quickly with team

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Jeff Francoeur didn't join the Rangers until Aug. 31, making him eligible for the postseason roster.

But Francoeur has quickly become a part of the fabric of the team, fitting in with the relaxed clubhouse and helping the club reach the finish line in the AL West with solid at-bats against lefties. He's probably going to be a factor in the postseason as well.

"It's awesome," Francoeur said. "And as I told the guys, as fun as this is, we need to do it three more times. We've got a team that can do it in the postseason. We have the pieces to go late in October. We're going to enjoy this week and try to go deep in the playoffs."

Francoeur has experienced clinching before, doing it with the Atlanta Braves in 2005. But he said this one was a little more special.

"That's because the first time it was three months and I was up and it was a whirlwind and it's been five years since I've been able to do this," Francoeur said. "It never gets old. It was worth every second. These guys are awesome. For me, it brings great joy to see guys like Michael Young who have tried for nine or 10 years and have not been able to feel this joy until now. It's just great."