Ian Kinsler serving suspension today

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Even though all indications last week were that MLB was going to drop the suspension against Ian Kinsler, it was still in the appeals process. But with the Rangers clinched, Kinsler is dropping the appeal and will serve the suspension today.

Kinsler was suspended for coming back on the field after he had been ejected a few innings earlier to celebrate with his teammates when Nelson Cruz hit a walk-off homer in the 13th inning against the Yankees on Sept. 10.

Kinsler was ejected for arguing balls and strikes and watched the rest of the game from the clubhouse. He was in the video room when Cruz hit the homer and went back out on the field just before Cruz crossed home plate to be involved in the celebration. Since the game wasn't officially over until Cruz hit home plate, Kinsler had violated the rule that says players can't go back on the field after being ejected.

Kinsler appealed the suspension, but now that he was going to get the game off today anyway, decided to drop it and move on.