David Murphy concerned, optimistic

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Josh Hamilton's fractured ribs, which kept him out of the Rangers' lineup the last 24 games, gave David Murphy a chance to play every day and show his worth to the club.

Murphy, however, left Wednesday's game with a left groin strain and is concerned about his playing status for the ALDS which starts on Wednesday.

"There is no certanity to it right now," he said. "I mean I am concerned but I am optimistic at the same time."

Murphy won't play this weekend. He will try to work on strengthening exercises Saturday and after that, he can better determine whether or not he can play.

"If it was something during the middle of the season, I feel like it would be a quick fix and something I could rest for a few days or a week to 10 days and something I could get over pretty quickly," Murphy said. "It didn't happen over the best circumstances. It's over and everything happens for a reason and I'll try to get better as soon as possible."