Catwalk rules changes for Tropicana Field

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Those pesky catwalks, known by the Pentagon names of "A-ring," "B-ring," "C-ring," and "D-ring", now have different rules as the postseason begins.

A ball that hits either of the two lower catwalks (C and D), including any lights or suspended objects, in fair territory is still a home run as judged by umpires.

But a ball that hits the upper catwalks (A and B) in fair territory and isn't judged to be a home run is now a dead ball and the pitch does not count. Previously, if a ball stayed up on the catwalk and wasn't judged to be a homer it was a double and if it came off the catwalk, it was judged to be fair or foul where it hit the ground or was touched by a fielder. If it was caught, the batter was out.

So now it's a dead ball if it's not judged to be a home run. Just something to keep an eye on down here.