Mark Cuban toasts the Rangers' success

DALLAS -- The Rangers' playoff success brings a big smile to the face of auction loser Mark Cuban.

"It's great for everybody," Cuban said before his Mavericks' preseason game Thursday night. "Obviously, I’m like everybody else -- I hate the day-game starts. It's hard to get drunk and watch a Rangers game and then go back to work. Not impossible. Not for me, because I have a driver or I can get one if I need one.

"But I'm thrilled for them, thrilled to death. It’s going to be a lot of fun."

Cuban says he's fine with a World Series taking attention away from the start of the Mavs' regular season. And he expects the Rangers to keep rolling.

"Hell, yeah!" Cuban said. "With pitching like that? Yes, they can. Absolutely."

Cuban hasn't communicated much with the new Rangers ownership since the day of the auction, which pushed up the price Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan paid tens of millions of dollars. Cuban said he exchanged e-mails with Greenberg, sharing some ideas he had with the Rangers, and hasn't talked to Ryan.

Greenberg does have an interesting piece of memorabilia commemorating that wild day in the courtroom, which happened to be on the anniversary of Ryan's famous brawl with Robin Ventura. A fan sent Greenberg a doctored photo of Ryan putting the headlock/haymaker combo on Ventura, but the nameplate on the back read "Cuban" instead of "Ventura."

The photo isn't displayed in Greenberg's office at the ballpark in Arlington, but he showed it off to a New York Times reporter who visited recently. Greenberg correctly figured Cuban would get a kick out of it.

"That's funny," Cuban said with a laugh.