C.J. Wilson benefits from following Cliff Lee

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- C.J. Wilson has talked this season about what it means to be able to soak up knowledge from Cliff Lee and watch him prepare for games and work his craft.

But when Wilson follows Lee and both pitch against the same opponent, Wilson is even more impressive:

He's 3-1 with a 1.40 ERA. Wilson has 25 strikeouts and 13 walks and has given up just 12 hits in 25 2/3 innings.

"Cliff is a better version of me," Wilson said. "He throws a little bit harder. He's a little bit taller, has a little bit smaller waist, so I try to follow his lead on a lot of stuff. I just watched him kind of work in and out with his fastball and from there I was able to see which guys maybe it was necessary to go in on and which guys it wasn't and that had a big factor [Thursday]."