Quoteboard: What they said after Gm. 2

ARLINGTON, Texas -- What they said after Game 2 of the ALCS:

COLBY LEWIS: I think we just knew what we needed to do. We had two games here at home and we needed -- after last night, we just needed to come out today and split it and go back to their place, plain and simple."

NELSON CRUZ: "We believe in the bullpen. They have been doing it all year long, and I think that they are doing it in the postseason, also."

RON WASHINGTON: "As I said last night (after Gm. 1), we didn't get it done. We didn't make any excuses about it. We took the whipping. We took a shower, and came back to play a ballgame today. And every game presents different circumstances. That's the way my team has always been. We just come to play baseball, and whatever the day introduces, we try to play to it. That was it."

DAVID MURPHY: "We are the type of team that we didn't fear anybody. ... They have got a great lineup, but they have got a great pitching staff as well. I don't think we are going to back down from anybody, and we are going to take the same approach against, you know, whatever pitcher we face; have solid at-bats."

WASHINGTON, PT. II: "My ballclub is a totally different ballclub. We can win ballgames in may ways. I think the world is beginning to see the Texas Rangers. You know, we was locked in. We won the West. We didn't win as many games as everybody else, but I have a bunch of guys that come and play the game of baseball, and whatever comes, they take. They make mistakes, but they get over it, and you have to have that type of attitude to perform in this game, because this is a very humbling game. And we just play baseball."

JOE GIRARDI: "Our starters have not pitched well so far. Our starters pitched extremely well and everyone was giddy about them the last series (vs. the Twins). I don't ever get too involved in snapshot pictures because those can be dangerous. I believe in our guys, and I believe that they will pitch well as we continue forward here."