Andy Pettitte admires Cliff Lee's cutter

NEW YORK -- No one has won more postseason games in baseball history than the 19 collected by New York Yankees lefty Andy Pettitte. And no one's been more dominant in the past two postseasons than Texas Rangers ace Cliff Lee.

They didn't face each other in last season's World Series, when Lee pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies, but the two southpaws will take the mound in the 2010 ALCS in Game 3 on Monday night at Yankees Stadium.

Lee, 6-0 with a 1.44 ERA in seven postseason starts, has been so good that some have chalked up the win for Lee before the series even started. But, what makes Lee so dominating? That's one of the ongoing discussions about Lee. Even Nolan Ryan mentioned that Lee doesn't necessarily have one devastating, go-to pitch. Pettitte seemed to think that he does.

"I think what is separating him from any other pitcher right now is really his cutter, how late it is," Pettitte said. "Maybe people talk about him that he doesn't have dominating stuff, that cutter has to be dominating. It has to be moving extremely well for guys to have such a hard time handling it. I think at this stage right now that's what's separating him from everyone else is to be able to cut that ball like he's doing to both sides of the plate. It has to be moving extremely late for guys not to be able to get their barrel on it the way they're not doing."