Manager had no problem with HR call

NEW YORK -- After seeing the replay of Robinson Cano's second-inning home run, Texas manager Ron Washington said he had no qualms with umpire Jerry Reynolds' call that right-fielder Nelson Cruz was not interefered with by fans.

"It was a home run," Washington said. "It's the umpire's judgment if the fan [interfered] in it and he didn't feel like the fans came over the fence."

Washington said on judgment calls such as that he cannot request the umpires go to the replay. However, the umpires can decide on their own, but in this case they did not feel it necessary.

"The ball left the ballpark, one run," Washington said. "If we couldn't make up one run then we didn't need to be in the ballgame. I wasn't going to stand out there and make a big deal about it."