Controversial non-call allows Yankees to tie

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Colby Lewis lost his no-hit bid and the shutout in the fifth inning. The two doubles by Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada were legitimate. The Yankees' run, however, might not have come across had replay been in use.

With Rodriguez on third, Lewis' pitch to Nick Swisher bouned in the dirt and then glanced off Swisher's shin, sending the ball to the backstop. The umpire did not signal that Swisher had been hit by the pitch and Rodriguez scored easily.

Rangers manager Ron Washington came out to argue with home plate umpire Brian Gorman, who clearly never realized the ball hit Swisher. The proper ruling should have sent Rodriguez back to third and Swisher down to first for Jorge Posada.

Instead, Swisher bounced back to Lewis for the second out. Posada then doubled down the first-base line.