Rangers-Giants features good arms

We now know the Rangers will take on the San Francisco Giants in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night.

One thing we do know: One of these organizations is ending a long championship drought. The Rangers have never won one in their history. The Giants have won one since 1954, when they were still in New York.

We'll have matchups and previews throughout the coming days, but at first glance, this sets up for some great pitching matchups. Neither team has set its rotation, but some possible matchups if the teams stick with what they had in the LCS:

Game 1: Cliff Lee vs. Tim Lincecum

Game 2: C.J. Wilson vs. Jonathan Sanchez

Game 3: Colby Lewis vs. Matt Cain

Of course, those could be scrambled. Cain, in fact, started the second game of the division series, but the third game of the NLCS, so that could change. But no matter how you line them up, it's some good starting pitching.

But winning playoff games is not just about the starters. The Giants bullpen certainly did the job in Game 6. Sanchez went just two innings before getting pulled, leaving things to five relievers. Jeremy Affeldt, Madison Bumgarner, Javier Lopez, Lincecum and, of course, closer Brian Wilson, combined to pitch 6+ innings of scoreless baseball.

The Giants can mix and match with that bullpen. That should be interesting with how well the Rangers bullpen has done all season.

C.J. Wilson, by the way, had this tweet just after the NLCS ended: See your beard soon mr wilson

Should be an entertaining series with plenty of storylines. No, I don't see Neftali Feliz growing a beard for the series (not sure he could). But seeing Bengie Molina play against the team that traded him in June will be neat.