World Series position outlook: 3B

Michael Young, the leader of the club and a guy who waited a decade to make the postseason with the Rangers, didn't hit the way he wanted in Tampa Bay.

Young batted .150 and did not come up with his normal clutch hits. But his teammates picked him up and he vowed to stick with his plan and expected better results in the ALCS. That's what he got.

Young hit .333 (9-for-27) in the six-game ALCS against the Yankees with four RBIs. Not only did he come up with some run-scoring hits, but he was able to get on base and move Elvis Andrus over to help the Rangers score runs in the series. Young, like the rest of the lineup, has become a reliable situational hitter. That gets magnified in the playoffs when runs are at a premium and being able to play small ball when needed could make the difference between getting that additional run or not.

"I believe in my approach to hitting," Young said the day before the Rangers clinched the AL pennant. "I know it works. I think that every time you ask about someone’s performance in the postseason, it’s definitely fair and we understand why, I mean, it’s a big stage.

"But I think I had something like 20 at-bats in the first series. That’s like a couple of games during the regular season. You flush those down the toilet pretty quickly during the regular season. I took the same approach here. I know if I stick with my same approach and bear down on it, I’m going to get results. That’s my approach. I believe in it and I stick with it win, lose or draw."