Neyer says Rangers have edge in World Series

ESPN.com's Rob Neyer says the Rangers have the edge on the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. Why? Here's part of his thinking:

All that matters now, in terms of what we can actually figure, is the talent that winds up on the field in the World Series.

And I'm convinced, with that ink barely dry, that the Rangers are going to put more talent on the field in the World Series.

Clearly, the Rangers have better hitters. They've got four legitimate weapons in their lineup, or five when the Giants are starting a right-hander. The Giants have three legitimate weapons, plus Andres Torres and Cody Ross. You can count them however you like.

In terms of matchups, I don't see much. If the World Series goes seven games, the Rangers will start left-handers four times; the Giants, three. Both teams are loaded with right-handed hitters and switch-hitters.

The Rangers can certainly match the Giants' starters. Cliff Lee is just as good as Tim Lincecum and C.J. Wilson is just as good as Matt Cain, and Colby Lewis is just as good as Jonathan Sanchez.

Actually, Lewis is better than Sanchez.

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