Clint Hurdle: Rangers' bats can get to ace

SAN FRANCISCO -- Texas Rangers hitting coach Clint Hurdle spent more than seven seasons as the manager of the Colorado Rockies, so since San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum stormed onto the scene, Hurdle's had a front-row several times a year.

Here's his take as the Rangers get set to face the dominant right-hander and two-time reigning Cy Young Award winner in Game 1 of the World Series tonight at AT&T Park:

"What I love about him is he loves to compete. There’s some deception to the delivery. But, I’ve seen him lights-out; I’ve seen him struggle. So I know he’s human. It wasn’t until this year he won a game in Coors Field [in Colorado], so he’s pitched in the league for a while and I was there for some of that. And some of the things we talked about trying to do to him there doesn’t mean they’re going to happen here. But, if he’s on, he’s going to be tough.

"But, we’re confident enough that we can beat 1s and 2s [in the rotation] when they’re on. We’ve got to show the patience that we need to not play his game. He’s going to try and expand the zone when he’s ahead. That’s what he does so very, very well. Hopefully we can stay away from that trump card."