Chuck Greenberg soaking in Series

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Prior to Wednesday's Game 1, Rangers general managing partner Chuck Greenberg walked around the field and made sure to take some long looks around.

"How can you not be happy to be here?" Greenberg said. "With all the delays with the purchase, to be here is incredible. If you love baseball, the World Series is the ultimate. And to be a part of it under any set of circumstances can be mind-blowing."

Greenberg said he attended Game 4 of the 2009 World Series between the Phillies and Yankees in Philadelphia. But before that, he hadn't been to the Fall Classic since 1971, when the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Baltimore Orioles in seven games. Greenberg grew up a Pirates fan and is from Pittsburgh.

So what's his prediction for the 2010 World Series?

"Rangers in seven or less," said Greenberg, channeling his inner-lawyer.

But there's little doubt the new owner is having fun seeing his team make this trip to the World Series.