Bloody blister ends C.J. Wilson's strong start

C.J. Wilson On Game 2 (1:37)

C.J. Wilson leaves Game 2 with blister on his finger (1:37)

SAN FRANCISCO -- A blister on C.J. Wilson's left middle finger ruptured during a 10-pitch duel with San Francisco Giants hitter Cody Ross, forcing him out of the game in the seventh inning trailing, 1-0.

"My finger ripped open," Wilson said of a blister he's dealt with for a couple of weeks now. "Usually it’s not as bad, but I’ve been super-gluing it the last couple of weeks to keep it together and it just kind of ruptured in that at-bat with Cody Ross. I couldn’t throw anything beside the curveball for a strike so that’s why I threw him like seven [curveballs]."

Of the 10 pitches, Wilson threw just two fastballs, one for a ball and the other Ross fouled away. On the final pitch, a curve ball, Ross walked and Wilson's strong outing was over. He would then watch the Rangers' bullpen fall apart as the Rangers dropped into a 2-0 hole in the World Series after 9-0 loss in Game 2.

The Texas Rangers' lefty battled Giants starter Matt Cain throughout, allowing just a fifth-inning solo home run to Edgar Renteria. Wilson has dealt with the blister for a couple weeks, basically glueing the skin together to keep it from opening. But, it came undone during Ross' at-bat and took away Wilson's ability to grip the seams of the baseball.

He said he felt "a fold developing" early in the game and he glued the skin in the second game. In the seventh inning, he said, "that little cork must have just popped out and it was gushing all over the place."

"It ripped open on the side and that’s where the blood came out of," Wilson said. "If it would have happened between innings, then maybe I could have super-glued it, but they’re not going to let you super-glue your finger because maybe that’s a performance-enhancer or some crap like that. [Pitching coach] Mike Maddux came out and I said, 'Hey, if you’re going to go with somebody go with Ollie [Darren Oliver] right here because I can’t throw a four-seamer for a strike."

Juan Uribe singled in Ross to make it 2-0. But, the Giants blew it open in the eighth with seven more runs against the Rangers' cratering bullpen.

Wilson said the blister would not affect his next start, which would be Game 6 back in San Francisco if the Rangers can bring it back.