Ron Washington flattered by kid's costume

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers manager Ron Washington has an 7-year-old look-alike in Keller that has drawn national attention after photos of his Halloween costume surfaced on the Internet.

Liam Roybal of Keller decided to dress up as Washington for Halloween and the photo and video have showed up on national networks, including ESPN.

"It's very flattering," Washington said, smiling when he was asked about Roybal's costume as part of his off-day news conference on Friday. "You know, the kid must love baseball and he must love energy. He must love character. And that's my personality."

Washington was surprised that someone would want to dress up like him for Halloween.

"It's nice that there could be someone that wants to imitate Ron Washington," Washington said. "I never in all my wildest dreams thought that. He might want to imitate some other star. I certainly don't consider myself a star. I'm just a baseball man. But it's nice that that young kid could watch a baseball game and want to be Ron Washington. That means a lot."