Rangers return to comfortable AL park

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jeff Francoeur said he texted former teammate Brian McCann before the World Series began and shared his displeasure at him for his All-Star Game heroics.

"All these years I pull for the National League to win and they finally win it and now I'm in the American League," Francoeur said. "Homefield advantage matters in the World Series. I said before the series that San Francisco is one of the toughest places to play in baseball and they proved it. Those fans go crazy out there and they use the homefield advantage to their liking. Those fans were yelling loud. We looked like we weren't able to relax and play like we usually play. It's nice to get home and get our fans behind us the same way and make it uneasy on them."

The spacious right field certainly impacted things as Vladimir Guerrero had trouble out there in Game 1. That forced the Rangers to take his big bat out of the lineup for Game 2. It was clear that the Giants were more comfortable with NL strategy and with their park, as you might expect.

Now, the Rangers get to put Guerrero's bat back in the lineup as the DH and they get to play their usual AL game.

"It's a great chance to turn this around," Murphy said. "It's an advantage because that's what we're used to playing all year long. In the end, it's baseball and you've got to do the same thing every day. We're not used to playing National League-style baseball, but if you're going to win a World Series you have to succeed in both environments."

Manager Ron Washington said it's important that his team gets back to the kind of game it's comfortable playing.

"We get to get all our offensive weapons in the lineup," Washington said. "It's just comfortable to be back home in front of our fans. We can draw energy from them and that's what we need. We've still got to go out there and we have to execute. We've got to execute pitches. We've got to execute our plan at the plate."

Many players talked about the expected high energy level at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington for Game 3.

"We're excited to be home," Young said. "We play well in front of our home fans. This is the first time out fans have had a World Series. It's going to be fun. The last game we had in Game 6 was the loudest I've ever heard a ballpark in my career, excluding the Metrodome. Hopefully, we'll get more of the same in Game 3."