Big stage isn't too much for Mitch Moreland

ARLINGTON, Texas -- You'd think a rookie from the tiny town of Amory, Miss. would be pretty pumped about hitting a home run to help his team win a World Series game.

Mitch Moreland, however, takes an aw-shucks approach. If he's giddy about his three-run homer, he did a pretty good job of hiding it.

"It was fun. It was a good time," he said after a little prodding. "Hopefully, we’ll come out tomorrow and do the same thing."

Moreland, who his hitting .341 with seven RBI, seems like one of the biggest surprises of the postseason. He probably wouldn't even be on the Rangers' roster if Justin Smoak stayed in Texas instead of getting shipped to Seattle as the centerpiece of the package it took to get Cliff Lee.

But Rangers veterans insist they aren't stunned by Moreland's calm, cool demeanor and clutch prodcution. Never mind that Moreland hit only .255 in 47 games after getting called up from Triple-A and started the postseason as part of a platoon at first base.

"He's a battler, man," Michael Young said. "He's a gamer. He's had big at-bats for us pretty much the whole season. That's why the numbers are overrated in a sense. Mitch has had good at-bats the entire season.

"As a teammate, you feed off of that. When a guy goes up there and battles and isn't giving away at-bats and gets after them, you feed off of that. Your team gets better as a result of it. That's kind of the nature of winning baseball."