Neftali Feliz pitching with confidence now

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rookie closer Neftali Feliz looked a little nervous in the ALDS against Tampa Bay. He walked some leadoff hitters -- something he doesn't do -- and didn't look particularly comfortable.

He didn't get a chance to pitch in a close game in the ALCS. So it was interesting to see him trot in for the ninth inning in Game 3 with a 4-2 lead. All Feliz did was mow down the Giants with a 98 mph fastball and a confident demeanor.

"He was outstanding," manager Ron Washington said prior to Game 4. "He blistered the glove even in warmups. That was as calm as I've ever seen him and he got it done."

Feliz looked like he tried to slow himself down on the mound, walking around between pitches a little more just to gather himself. He was able to strike a balance between calming down and staying in rhythm and got all three batters he faced, including two strikeouts.

"He's growing up," Washington said. "He was trying to contain himself and did."

Washington said if Buster Posey had reached base with two outs in the eighth inning against Darren O'Day that Feliz would have come in to face Pat Burrell (or a pinch-hitter) in an effort to get a four-out save.