Rangers adjust to shorter offseason

One thing about playing in the World Series: The offseason gets shorter.

In the last decade, the Rangers have finished the season in late September or very early October, giving the players more time to rest and get going on their offseason program and management more time to put a plan together for the offseason.

That's shortened now, thanks to a trip to the World Series that lasted until the calendar flipped to November. It shouldn't impact the players very much. They'll take some time off like they normally do, but just won't get quite as many weeks as in season's past. No big deal there.

For the front office, it just means a different schedule.

"It's new for us, this schedule," general manager Jon Daniels said. "I'd welcome having the challenge of a month shorter offseason any time. A lot of the meetings we would have had at this time in previous years we still have to have, so we'll squeeze it into a shorter time period. It's an additional challenege with the new timing of free agency, but we'll figure it out."

Daniels said after Game 5 that his group was planning on meeting the next day (Tuesday) to continue to put a plan together for the offseason.

He said his first mission is to get manager Ron Washington signed up for the long-term and then go about addressing the club's own free agents. He included Cliff Lee, Vladimir Guerrero, Bengie Molina, Frank Francisco, Matt Treanor, Jorge Cantu among others.

As for the offseason schedule for pitchers, the club is discussing whether to just push everything back a month or if the pitchers should get extra time off because of the additional innings.

"I know Tampa Bay did that a couple of years back where they gave them a little later start into spring training, pushed back the offseason program a little bit," Daniels said. "We'll definitely do something along those lines. It's still in pencil."

Daniels said the club hasn't mapped it out, but that he expects most will just push back and get more of a breather heading into next season.