BP's review on the 2010 Rangers season

Baseball Prospectus recently reviewed the Rangers 2010 season. They talked about what went right, what went wrong and what the future holds. Here's part of it:

What went right: A pair of big offseason risks in the rotation came up aces, as Daniels' decision to re-import Colby Lewis from the Japanese leagues and to convert sometime closer C.J. Wilson into a starting pitcher gave Texas its top two starters. It was those risks that provided the platform for subsequently going for it and grabbing Lee, a concert of decisions gone good that won the franchise's first two postseason series and propelled them into the World Series. Fitting neatly with that was the continuing development of the Rangers' defense (see below). And the decision to throw a one-year deal at Guerrero provided the Rangers' lineup with a cleanup hitter who helped keep MVP candidate Josh Hamilton from receiving intentional passes at a Pujolsian clip. Hamilton led the AL in True Average with a .346 mark, and both finished among the top 10 in OBI percentage in the majors, with Hamilton plating 19.4 percent of his baserunners to Vladi's 18.8 percent.

What went wrong: For a team that just won a pennant, quite a bit. So while the Giants are doing a victory lap and getting credit for their ability to adapt and overcome, spread some of that love the Rangers' way, because they had plenty of obstacles to overcome. Remember when Rich Harden was supposed to be part of the answer in the rotation, or how Scott Feldman was one of the Rangers' starting stalwarts? Well, not so much. You probably can't overstate the damage losing Frank Francisco did to that bullpen, because whatever it achieved in the aggregate on the season didn't add up to much when they were short their best right-handed setup man. Remember that when talking about all those late-game meltdowns in the postseason that Ron Washington presided over, because one of his best weapons was on the shelf, and it showed. Oh, and remember when the Rangers had all the young catchers everybody wanted? Well, for everyone wondering why Bengie Molina was squatting on the national stage, let's just say that didn't quite turn out the way people expected, as Taylor Teagarden's weak bat and Jarrod Saltalamacchia's fragility and receiving skills just didn't add up to an answer.

That's BP's take. And some of the issues they addressed we'll be talking about in the coming weeks.