Weighing the options for Cliff Lee

Which team -- the Texas Rangers or the New York Yankees provide the best chance for Cliff Lee to win over the course of a contract? Ian O'Connor of ESPNNewYork.com asked himself that question, and here's a snippet of what he came up with:

Cliff Lee will base his decision on money, if only because that is what free agents do. You know how it goes -- nothing personal, just business.

But let's assume the Texas Rangers will attack the New York Yankees in the coming weeks with the same ferocity they unleashed on them in the ALCS. Let's assume that Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg will instruct team president Nolan Ryan to throw some high heat under the Yankees' chin, and that Texas will construct an offer -- inflated by the lack of a state income tax -- that lands it right in the Steinbrenners' ballpark.

What happens if the competing offers amount to a wash? Should Clifton Phifer Lee stay or should he go?

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