What would you trade for Zack Greinke?

The Winter Meetings begin in one week and we know that Rangers general manager Jon Daniels and his staff will look under every stone and discuss all options. Those meetings aren't just about free agent opportunities. It's when GMs discuss trade possibilities too. And one big pitching name on the market is Zack Greinke.

Of course, the Royals must decide when the right time is to trade their hurler to get the most value. That could be now, depending on the package. And the Royals seek good, young players and the Rangers have a bunch of those in a deep farm system. They used them to get Cliff Lee at the trade deadline and they could use more of them to land Greinke (we'll see, but it's a fun scenario to discuss). The question, of course, is what is Greinke worth in terms of prospects. Greinke is signed through 2012, but the contract changes in terms of his no-trade clause. But like the Mark Teixeira deal for the Rangers, this coming season is a big one in terms of getting the most value because Greinke has at this point two seasons left and would have 1 1/2 seasons at the deadline (like Teixeira did when the Rangers traded him to the Braves in 2007).

To get Greinke, the Rangers are going to have to part with some good young players. That list could include Martin Perez and Tanner Scheppers. You can bet the Royals are going to want one of those. And probably a pitcher already showing something in the majors, like Derek Holland or Tommy Hunter. Some reports floated out there have included Engel Beltre has a possibility in a deal like that. Jamey Newberg threw out Jurickson Profar too, which you would think is another player on the Royals radar. Would Julio Borbon also be on that list and would you trade him?

I'd be willing to give the Royals a pretty good package for Greinke. Yes, I know his history, but he's proven to be a solid starter and someone who could really help the Rangers if they can't land Lee on the free agent market. And Texas would have him for two seasons at the very least with a good chance to re-sign him after that. But how much is too much?

Would you trade both Scheppers and Perez? (I would in this case knowing I'd get at least two years of Greinke, but it wouldn't be an easy call). What about Beltre or Borbon?

Throw out your trade for Greinke. What would you be willing to give up and why?