Eric Nadel "elated" for Dave Van Horne

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Eric Nadel, who is out of the country, responded to an email today about Dave Van Horne winning the Ford C. Frick Award, given out by the National Baseball Hall of Fame annually for excellence in broadcasting.

Nadel was a finalist for the first time this year.

"I am elated about Dave winning the Frick Award," Nadel said. "I have been telling people for years that I could not believe he had not yet won. He is a superb announcer in every way, and still works hard to make sure that his audience is well informed and entertained. He is one of my favorite announcers to listen to and I am really happy for him."

Nadel also said he was excited about the move to ESPN Radio. The Rangers' broadcast is moving to 103.3 FM starting in 2011 as part of a four-year deal.

"It should be exciting being a part of ESPN and everything that name represents in the world of sportscasting," Nadel said. "I am optimistic the Rangers will get more coverage than they have ever before. They certainly deserve it, given the performance of the owners, the front office and the team, and the incredible job the fans did in supporting the team this year. The people at CBS-KRLD and The Fan always treated me well and I will miss working with them."

Nadel won't say this, so I will. He deserves the Frick Award and now that he's a finalist, he should have a great chance of winning it soon. Rangers fans are lucky to have him in this market.